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Solid Strike In NHS

Monday, October 13, 2014

GMB Members Rock Solid Support For Strike In NHS To Get Government To Listen To Calls For Decent Pay Rise To Cope With Inflation

In the NHS it takes years of incremental pay progression to achieve the rate for the job and that progression cannot be confused with uprating pay rates to keep pace with inflation says GMB.

GMB commented on the strike action by members in the NHS today (13th October) and rebutted public statements made by Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt on the NHS dispute.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer for the NHS said "reports from across the country are that the strike action has been rock solid. Members are determined to get Government to listen to them. Next week the radiographers take action

It is disingenuous of the Secretary of State to state that a 1% rise in pay will give rise to job losses. GMB has consistently campaigned for a fair funding settlement for the NHS which should include funding pay rises for essential staff.  GMB has consistently campaigned for the Treasury to plug the funding gap so that much needed NHS jobs are not put at risk. In addition GMB has consistently opposed spending £3billion that has been wasted by this Government on a top down reorganisation GMB are calling on the Treasury to step in to resolve this current pay dispute.

On incremental pay progression the Secretary of State for Health is simply wrong to say that nearly half of the staff will get an automatic 3% pay increase. There has been a long standing recognition that the NHS requires a highly qualified, skilled and experienced workforce. This means that staffs are acquiring qualifications in stages and are constantly undertaking regular training, performance development and the upgrading of their skills.  That means that in the NHS it takes years of incremental pay progression to achieve the rate for the job. That incremental pay progression cannot be confused with uprating pay rates to keep pace with inflation. GMB has always been open to meaningful discussions to review the NHS pay structures and a possible narrowing of incremental points system so where appropriate NHS staff are able to attain the rate for the job over a shorter period.  GMB remains open to these discussions.”


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