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4 Day Strike At Sheffield Recycling

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

GMB Further Four Day Strike On 10th To 13th Oct At Sheffield Recycling Centres In Dispute On Pay, Facilities And Way Centres Are Managed

GMB members want a fair share of the money allocated for this vital service plus a decent toilet in the winter, somewhere to wash and a bit of honesty which isn't a lot to ask for says GMB.

GMB members employed by the Green Company, running five recycling centres as a subcontractor to Veolia for Sheffield City Council, are taking further four days of strike action in a dispute over pay, facilities and how the contract is managed. They will be on strike on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th and Monday 13th October. This follows strike action on Wednesday 1st October and Monday 6th October.

The five recycling centres are located at Beighton Road, Woodhouse, S13 7PS, Blackstock Road, Gleadless, S14 1FY, Manchester Road, Deepcar, S36 2DT, Greaves Lane, High Green, S35 4GR, and Longley Avenue West, Shirecliffe, S5 8WA.

The Green Company is owned by the charity Salvaire. The dispute is over failure to secure an agreement on premium pay for weekend and overtime working, on welfare facilities and about the behaviour of the senior managers on the contract. GMB secured a living wage for members in the recycling centres from the out-going senior management team effective from April 2014.

Peter Davies, GMB Regional Officer, said “GMB members are taking action over premium rates, welfare facilities and bullying. We know the company can afford to provide them but the company will not budge.

The charity Salvaire has four trustees including their chair Martine Laffan-Butler who is also chair of the company board. GMB is now aware of internal disputes which led to the departure of entire senior management team leaving Martine Laffan-Butler to take over.  The entire workforce is aware of everything that has come out of this internal board room wrangling.

There have been substantial sums paid to Martine Laffan-Butler and to another company, 'Roughly Translated Ltd' owned by Martine Laffan-Butler and her partner. Questions have been asked as to whether value for money is being achieved for this money.

GMB members are striking for a fair share of the money allocated for this vital service. That plus a decent toilet in the winter, somewhere to have a wash and a bit of honesty isn't a lot to ask for.” 


Contact: Peter Davies GMB Organiser on 07501 228 313 or 01924 882255 or 0845 337 7777 or GMB press office 07921 289880


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