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Strike Ballot Majority Threshold

Friday, May 9, 2014

On Raising Threshold For Majority In Strike Ballot Not A Single MP Got 50% Share Of Those Eligible To Vote In Last General Election

General election is more important than a strike ballot so abstentions added to no votes to count as a no vote in a strike ballot while being ignored in the more important ballot vote to elect our Parliament is neither acceptable nor democratic says GMB.

GMB responded to statement by Prime Minister that Tories plan to curtail rights of workers to strike after strike ballot.

Paul Kenny said "if 50% of those eligible to vote- which Boris Johnson is pressing for - becomes the new test of democratic legitimacy not a single MP including Mr Cameron passes the test.

Tim Farron got the highest % of those eligible to vote in his Parliamentary Constituency Area in the last general election. He got 46.1% of those eligible to vote.

The top 10 MPs by % share of the electorate eligible are as follows:

LD -Westmorland and Lonsdale - Tim Farron 46.1% 

CON- Chesham and Amersham- Cheryl Gillan 45.0%

CON- Hampshire North East -James Arbuthnot 44.4%

CON- Surrey South West Jeremy Hunt 43.9%

CON- Maidenhead Theresa May 43.8%

CON – Windsor Adam Afriyie 43.4%

CON- Mole Valley Sir Paul Beresford 43.2%

CON- Witney David Cameron 43.1%

CON- Orpington Joseph Johnson 43.1%

CON- Beaconsfield Dominic Grieve 42.7%

We would not have a single Returning Officer declaring a candidate duly elected to serve as a Member of Parliament if 50% of those eligible to vote is to be the new threshold for democratic legitimacy.

Few would argue that the outcome of a general election is a lot more important than the result of any strike ballot. We cannot have abstentions added to no votes to count as a no vote in a strike ballot and totally ignored in the more important ballot vote to elect our Parliament.

Workers rights are already severely constrained and curtailing the right to strike even more is simply neither acceptable nor democratic.”


Contact: Kamaljeet Jandu 07956 237 178 or Maria Ludkin 07956 632657 or Cath Speight  07506 711925or GMB press office 07921 289880

Story running on Press association

New restrictions will be introduced on strikes in essential services if the Conservatives win next year's general election, David Cameron has said.

Mr Cameron said he intends to introduce a minimum threshold on the number of employees who must take part in a ballot on industrial action before it can trigger a strike.

The Prime Minister said he had been held back from introducing a threshold of this type since he took office in 2010, because of opposition from Liberal Democrats in the coalition Government.

His comments come after a disruptive strike on the London Underground at the end of last month.

Mr Cameron told BBC Radio London: "Of course there is a right to strike in our country, but in essential services, isn't it worth saying that there ought to be a threshold, a certain percentage of people who have to take part before a strike is called that does so much damage.

"This is not something I can deliver in coalition. Our Liberal Democrat coalition partners don't seem keen on this, for whatever reason. But I am keen on it, and a new Conservative Government would deal with that."


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