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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Labour Party And Scottish Government Must Get Real On 40,000 Scottish Defence Jobs As Labour Conference Is Set To Debate Future Of Trident

As an island nation it is madness to give up the skills vital to our defences and we will stand up for defence workers who are essential to our national security says GMB Scotland.

GMB Scotland, the union for shipyard and defence workers, responded to reports that the Labour Party Conference in Brighton next week is likely to debate the future of UK defences and the Trident nuclear deterrent.  See notes to editors for list of defence suppliers in Scotland by area.

Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Acting Secretary, said “In a world facing many threats and dangers a properly functioning defence capability is essential to deal with often unpredictable and unforeseen events that threaten national security.

The 40,000 defence workers in Scotland are as vital to our national security as the armed forces. Without the skills of the workforce in the yards on the Clyde and Rosyth the Royal Navy could not defend the nation.

It makes no sense to abandon our longstanding overall defence strategy unilaterally for solely political reasons. That goes for Trident and the jobs at Faslane and Barrow.

The truth is the peace dividend from the fall of the Berlin Wall brought unemployment and poverty to towns like Plymouth. Dockyard jobs in Portsmouth have been replaced by zero hours retail work.

The Labour Party and the Scottish Government need to get real on jobs. Without defence work there will be no Clyde shipyards and Falmouth would probably face closure. The same goes Barrow. The real casualties will be the communities if these highly skilled, well paid irreplaceable union jobs are given up.

Some Tories might welcome closure of yards and factories because they would prefer to import, cheaper foreign made kit. There has always been pressure in defence circles to buy ships off the shelf from overseas yards because they are cheaper. Some admirals definitely would prefer buy two get one free approach. We have seen it already.

Large parts of the establishment have no loyalty to the working class in defence jobs. As an island nation it is madness to give up the skills vital to our defences. GMB Scotland will stand up for defence workers who are essential to our national security."


Contact: Gary Smith on 07710 618909 or 0141 332 8641 or Dave Hulse 07971 266157 or Jim Moohan 07885 868405 or GMB press office 07921 289880

Notes to editors

Defence jobs in Scotland

Aberdeen: 4i2i Communications;  Aardvark Clear Mine Limited;  AC-CESS Co UK;  Bowtech;  J & S Marine;  James Morrison & Co;  JW Smith Instrument Engineering Ltd;  Kimetsan Aerospace and Defence Coatings Ltd;  Lewis Ltd;  R2S Crime;  SonarDyne;  Sonavision;  Tayhope;  Tritech International Ltd;  Tuboscope Holdings Ltd;  Caledonian Airborne Systems Limited;  Army reserve.                                        

Aberdeenshire: Nova Pressure Controls Ltd Aardvark Clear Mine Ltd;  Arnlea Systems Limited;  Aerossurance Limited;  Ramtech Hydraulics;  RAF Buchan;  Anderson Technical Services                                                               

Angus: J & D Wilkie Ltd                                                                    

Argyll and Bute: Babcock Marine ;  HMNB Clyde (Faslane);  Photonic Security Systems;  Flexible Technology Ltd                                                                  

Ayrshire: Veracity UK Ltd;  52nd Lowland;  Chemring Energetics;  Chemring Energetics UK Ltd;  CSM Scotland;  QinetiQ Ltd (Ardeer);  Robert Mackie & Co Ltd;  Chemring Energetics UK Ltd;  RAF Prestwick                                                            

Bathgate: Dacoll Ltd;  Guardlok;  Rotech Maintenance & Projects Ltd;  Plexus Corp;  52nd Lowland

Bo’ness: L & T Enterprises Ltd;  Thackeray Technical Services Ltd   

Clackmannanshire: Raylind Associates Ltd;                                                                      

Clydebank: The Deans Group;                                                                     

Dumbarton: Wideblue Ltd;  Army reserve.

Dumfries: Jackson Rifles;  Croma Group Vigilant Security (Scotland);  Penman Engineering;  Positive Response;  52nd Lowland;  Helmet Integrated Systems;  Penman Engineering Ltd

Dundee: BBI Detection Limited;  Calico Jack;  Macweld Inspection Services;  Speech Sentinal;  STAR Dundee;  Albacom Ltd;  BBI Detection;  W.L. Gore & Associates (UK) Limited;  Army reserve                                                              

Dunfermline: BAE Systems;  Rolls-Royce;  Babcock Marine ;  QinetiQ ;  BitWise;  Bridge Systems Limited;  Camtec Test Systems;  Infinite Data Storage Ltd;  Sonart Electronics Ltd;  Vib Tech;  White Eagle Contracts Ltd     

East Ayrshire: Scot Seat Group

East Kilbride: Rolls-Royce;  360 Tactical VR;  Corston Sinclair Ltd;  KAV Publicity;  Memex Technology Ltd;  Netidme;  Tac Products Ltd;  Gael Ltd

East Lothian: ZOT Integrated Manufacturing

Edinburgh: Dreampact Limited;  Abelon Systems Limited;  Albagaia Limited;  Aspects Software;  Calton Hill Limited;  Commissum;  Computer Application Services Ltd;  DNS SecureWorks UK Ltd;  Evidential Systems;  Fortkey;  FWB Consultants;  Guardall;  Helixion;  Indigo Vision;  Intelligent Earth;  International Consultancy Group;  IXSyte;  Lux Biotechnology;  Odos Imaging;  SecuriGroup Ltd;  SELEX Galileo;  UK Astronomy Technology Centre;  Abbott Risk Consulting Ltd;  IndigoVision;  Jumpstart (Scotland) Ltd;  SeeByte Ltd;  Systechnica Limited;  ThinkTank Maths Limited;  Royal Highland Fusiliers;  Balaklava Company;  52nd Lowland;  Exova Ltd                                      

Elgin: Copernicus Technology Ltd;  Army reserve          

Falkirk: Idrach Ltd;  Gs Hydro (Grangemouth) Ltd   

Fife: Aliwall Defence Consultancy Limited;  BAE Systems;  Processplus Ltd;  Army reserve ;  Glamis Controls Ltd;  Semiconductor Field Maintenance Ltd;  Dundee Satellite Systems Ltd    

Forres: Turner D H E;  Scotland Electronics Int Ltd

Galashiels:  52nd Lowland        

Glasgow: BAE Systems;  Alba Ultrasound;  Altia Solutions;  Aperta;  Arrest Fire & Security;  Beat Systems Limited;  Berkeley Myles;  Browns (Scotland) Limited;  Caledonian Lock-Safe;  Capescot Limited;  Chbe Ltd;  Clyde Space;  Conram Ltd;  CST Global Ltd;  Digital Dataworks;  Dimensional Imaging Ltd;  Diptone Ltd;  ECEBS;  Essential Viewing;  Gas Sensing Solutions;  Gavin Watson Printers;  IJS Consultants;  Intense Ltd;  Kelvin Connect;  Kelvin Nanotechnology Ltd;  Kyle Electronic Design Ltd;  Lochrin Bain (Wm Bain Fencing);  Lowlander Ltd;  Luichart Technology Limited;  M Squared Lasers Ltd;  Metaforic Metaforic;  Netintelligence;  OptoSci;  Pointer;  RS Garrow Ltd;  Sage Safety Ltd;  Sarkar Defence Airborne Solutions Ltd;  Second Chance;  Spartan Solutions;  Steepest Ascent;  Sunvic Controls Ltd;  Thales Optronics;  The Technology Club;  Thistle Garments;  Turner Facilities Management Ltd;  Air Power & Hydraulics Ltd;  Castle Precision Engineering (Glasgow) Limited;  ICL Tech Ltd;  Virtual Interconnect Limited;  Walker Precision Engineering;  BAE Systems;  BAE Systems;  52nd Lowland   

Glenrothes: Ilasco;  Raytheon Systems Ltd;  Keela / Ilasco;  Phoenix Precision

Hamilton: Ireland Alloys Limited 

Hebrides:  QinetiQ        

Highland: QinetiQ ;  Black Isle Controls Limited;  Hamilton London Ltd;  Contec Design Services;  Denchi Power Ltd;  Rolls-Royce   

Inner Hebrides: QinetiQ        

Inverness: Nowler Ltd;  The Black Watch;  Army reserve 

Lanarkshire: Nicholson Plastics Ltd;  Missiles and Space Batteries Ltd     

Livingston: Bloxx;  Conjunct Ltd;  Dreampact Ltd;  Dynamic Imaging Ltd;  Entrotec;  Wireless Fibre Systems Ltd Unit;  ACLAS Technics Ltd;  Jabil Circuit UK      

Midlothian: MacTaggart, Scott & Company Limited;  Fuel Cells Scotland;  Somerled Ltd;  Materials Consultancy Services Ltd         

Moray: Precision Rifle Services Ltd;  RAF Lossiemouth;  Kinloss Barracks                                                                    

Motherwell: MB Aerospace;  52nd Lowland                                 

North Ayrshire: Securename Ltd;  Greenquick Ltd                

North Lanarkshire: D&G Precision Engineering Ltd;  Missiles & Space Batteries Ltd;  Lochrin Bain - William Bain Fencing Ltd;  Teledyne Limited;  Maintool Company;  Ritecom  

Outer Hebrides: RAF Benbecula;  RRH Saxa Vord;  QinetiQ ;  Army reserve        

Paisley: Agility Logistics Burnbrae Drive;  Atlasair Limited;  Globe Air Cargo;  Strathclyde Forensics;  Westica Ltd      

Perth: AM Securities;  Glen Abbot Ltd;  Air Service Training (Engineering) Limited;  Army reserve ;  Salent Technologies Ltd;  Lsc Process & Laboratory Systems Uk Ltd      

Renfrewshire: Rolls-Royce;  Amor Group;  James Fisher Defence;  Aeropair Ltd;  Morf Products Ltd;  BAE Systems;  Flextronics      

South Ayrshire: Visimetrics (UK);  Inter-Tec Services Limited;  Spirit AeroSystems (Europe) Limited 

 South Lanarkshire: Geoturn Ltd;  Phoenix Electronics Distribution Ltd;  RPM Engines & Transmissions;  Braithwaite Telescopes;  Online Edge;  i3 Works Limited                    

 Stirling: Advanced Perimeter Systems Limited;  Cascade Technologies;  Prism Tech;  Scotest;  Teed Business Continuity;  Net-Defence;  Army reserve        

West Lothian: Navsys Ltd;  Highlander Scotland Ltd;  Hydrosense;  Safe Cities Ltd                                                                  



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