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Support Staff Unpaid for THREE MONTHS

Monday, January 9, 2017


Dedicated staff carry out vital work despite no money for their own child care, travel or even food.

Devoted support workers are continuing to support vulnerable families despite not being paid for THREE MONTHS by their tax-payer funded charity.

At least 11 support workers at Lime Trees Children’s Centre, in Birmingham, last received a full pay packet in November.

They have faced a Christmas with no money and with no prospect of getting the cash they’ve earned any time soon – but are carrying on the vital work they do out of a sense of dedication.

The centre is run by the charity Freshwinds, who received more than £1million in donations and grants in the financial year 2014/15 – included around £850,000 from cash-strapped Birmingham City Council. [1]

Freshwinds claims it is not in danger of going bankrupt, despite spending £1.3million last year and only receiving £1.2million.[2]

However they failed to file company accounts before the deadline of December 31. [3]

GMB demands the company – whose chief executive earns more than £50,000 - pay their hard working carers.

Gillian Ogilive, GMB Organiser, said:

“It is bad enough these hard-working and dedicated members of staff were not paid over Christmas – for it to carry on into the New Year is an absolute scandal.

“They have no money for travelling to work, for child care – even to feed their own families.

“The fact they are still looking after vulnerable families without being paid is testament to their dedication – but they can’t carry on working for nothing.

“Freshwinds need to sort his out before it is too late.”


Contact: Gillian Ogilvie on 07850768351 or at




Picture copyright George Grinsted

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