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Support Teaching Assistants Says GMB

Sunday, September 22, 2013

GMB Demo At Labour Conference As Part Of Campaign To Promote The Vital Job Teaching Assistants Do In Schools

Campaign launched after reports of Department of Education/Treasury discussions on axing hundreds of thousands of teaching assistants from state schools. says GMB

GMB, the union for school support staff, will hold a demonstration/ photocall today (22 September) outside the Labour Party Conference in Brighton to promote the vital jobs teaching assistants do in our schools.

The details of the demonstration/photocall are as follows:

1pm Sunday 22nd September

outside the main entrance to Brighton Centre

Kings Road

Brighton BN1 2GR

GMB members with flags and banners will present a look-a- like ‘Michael Gove’ with a report card giving him an ‘F’ for failing our children. These GMB members will ask delegates to support the work and contribution that teaching assistants make.

Andy Prendergast, GMB Senior Organizer, said “GMB’s campaign to promote the role of teaching assistants began in June 2013. This was following the publication of stories that the Department of Education had discussions with Treasury over axing hundreds of thousands of teaching assistants from state schools. See notes to editors for sources.

Teaching assistants make a massive difference to our schools and our children every day.

Michael Gove is causing a huge amount of a stress and anguish amongst those who teach some of the most vulnerable children in our society. Instead of deriding them as a ‘mums army,’ Gove should spend some times working with teaching assistants so he can see their professionalism and the positive difference they make day in, day out.

GMB’s campaign has already secured thousands of signatures in support of the contribution made by teaching assistants. It will be continuing across the next few months, obtaining the support of people outside school gates and in town centres across the country”.


Contact: Andy Prendergast, Senior Organiser 07984 49726 or Michelle Gordon, Political Officer 07866 369259

Notes to editors

The GMB campaign in support of teaching assistants began in June after the publication of stories in the Sunday Times and Daily Mail ( about discussions between the Department of Education and the Treasury concerning the possibility of axing 232,000 teaching assistants from schools across the country. 


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