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Reaction To Supreme Court Brexit Ruling

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Kathleen WalkerShaw, GMB European Officer, said: 

"The Brexit campaign's line throughout the referendum was the UK 'taking back control'. 

"Today, the Supreme Court has ensured that the wider democratically elected Parliament - not just Government - will rightly have control and a say on our departure from the EU. 

"So it is time for Theresa May and her Brexit and trade ministers to stop hiding behind the shroud of secrecy, negotiating our EU exit on a 'need to know' basis, and lay the ground for a more transparent and open process. 

"The Government must now tell the British public what assessments have been done - sector by sector and region by region - on the impact of Brexit and what they are going to do to make sure people across Britain are shielded from potential negative economic and social impacts." 


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