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Swindon Double Yellow CIT Parking For Safety

Friday, April 17, 2015

GMB Welcome Swindon Decision Allowing Security Staff Making Cash Deliveries To Park On Double Yellow Lines To Increase Safety

Other councils should do the same as move shortens the length of time and the distance that staff have to carry cash making robbery less likely says GMB.

GMB, the union for security staff and the cash in transit industry, welcome the unanimous vote, with cross party support, of Swindon Borough Council last night to remove yellow line parking restrictions for cash in transit (CIT) vehicles making deliveries. See notes to editors for copy of GMB press release from 2006 setting out measures are needed to combat the scourge of attacks on ‘Cash in Transit’ handling system and the resulting injury to staff.

The motion was moved by Labour leader Jim Grant, and seconded by Gary Perkins for the Conservatives.

Carole Vallelly, GMB Regional Organiser, said “GMB welcome the decision. The removal of parking restrictions on CIT vans in town centres has been a long standing GMB demand.

The motion allows security staff making cash deliveries to park on double yellow lines, in order to both shorten the length of time and distance that they have to carry cash, and also to make their movements less predictable, making robbery less likely.

This move has been the result of effective and persistent lobbying of our local politicians by GMB. We congratulate the Labour group of councillors, and Jim Grant in particular, for skillfully guiding this through with cross party support.

Up until now, GMB members in the cash in transit sector have had a choice of lawfully parking some distance from the bank where they are making the delivery to, and therefore exposing themselves to the risk of violent attack while they walk to the delivery point, or parking on a yellow line nearer to the bank and risking a parking fine.

These workers are typically low paid, and have been required to personally pay the parking fines themselves. GMB is delighted that they can now park safely and near to the delivery point, without fear of being penalized by a fine they can ill afford to pay. GMB call on other councils to follow suit on this."


Contact: GMB Wiltshire branch secretary, Andy Newman on 0754 0859 227, or GMB Regional Organiser, Carole Vallelly on 07912 181476 or Chris Watts on 01793 818 005 or Jude Brimble 07850 974198 or  GMB Press Office 07921 289 880

Notes to editors

Copy of GMB press release 2006


One in Five Security Staff Injured in 2,300 Attacks in the Last Three Years

GMB and the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) are today meeting Home Office Minister Hazel Blears to discuss the measures that are needed to combat the scourge of attacks on ‘Cash in Transit’ handling system and the resulting injury to staff. (See note 1).

Cash in Transit crime on the increase.  There were 836 attacks in 2005 up from the 707 in 2004, itself an increase on the 697 attacks in 2003.

 Over the past three years there have been 2,295 attacks in the UK. In the course of these attacks 447 crew members were injured, fifty-eight of these seriously. In over 700 occasions firearms were used in the attacks. Security crew are shot, attacked with iron bars, machetes, stabbed, pistol whipped and suffer severe beatings and other traumatic assaults often leading to long term physical and mental injury. As the banks have increased their internal security to protect their customers and staff, the problem has been pushed out “onto the pavement” and cash in transit vans and couriers are increasingly under attack as they make cash deliveries.

GMB want to see:

·    Increased police resources dedicated to this type of crime.

·    A stricter sentencing policy for attacks, particularly armed robbery.

·    Removal of parking restrictions banning CIT vans from town centres.

·    Safer areas and procedures for transfer of cash in banks and retail outlets.

·    Fast track routes and arrangements within banks and shopping centres for couriers.

Paul Kenny, GMB Acting General Secretary said, “The attacks are now so commonplace that they rarely warrant media attention.   They are a hidden crime - unless a police officer or a member of the public is involved, these attacks only warrant a few lines in the press.  But our members, men and women whose lives are equally precious to their families, are being subject to horrifying attacks when carrying out their day to day work.  Last year a GMB member, Colin Baker was shot even before the robbers demanded money.  As his colleague in the vehicle called for police and ambulance, the short guard was dragged across the forecourt by his attackers.  Mr Baker has been left permanently disabled by the attack.”

David Dickinson BSIA Chief Executive said, “Criminal possession of firearms is rising, particularly in London and other urban areas.   Crime involving young street robbers who attack CVIT deliveries and small retailers is growing.  Since 2000 the number of armed robberies on public highways, including attacks on security vans and street robberies continues to increase. In over two-thirds of all reported armed robberies the weapon used was a handgun.”

Gary Smith, GMB National Organiser said, “This isn’t helped by planning laws which ban the CIT vans from town centres, parking restrictions, and the lack of safe areas and procedures for transfer of cash in banks and retail outlets.

The GMB wants to see this type of crime pushed up the political agenda.  We want the government to understand and address the impact of such crime.   It is treated as a business crime, but in fact it is a human crime, committed on the couriers who risk their lives on a daily basis to make sure we have cash in our pockets. “



Notes to Editors

1          Paul Kenny, the Acting General Secretary, Gary Smith the National Officer for GMB the trade union representing workers in the security sector are going today with representatives from the industry: David Dickinson, Chair, British Security Industry Association, Ian Nesbit, Managing Director of G4S Cash Services UK to meet with Hazel Blears, the Minister of State for Minister of State (Policing, Security and Community Safety), Home Office (since 17 Jun 2005)



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