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Switch Street Lights On In Essex

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GMB Back Campaign To Get Essex County Council To Reverse Decision To Turn Street Lights Off In Residential Areas At Night To Save Money

For more than a hundred years we have taken street lighting for granted and there are concerns that Essex County Council has got the balance wrong and has put residents in unnecessary danger says GMB

GMB is backing a campaign to persuade Essex County Council to reverse their decision to turn off street lighting in residential areas from 12am to 5am to save money. The County Council want to save £14m over 3 years.

Areas such as town centres, key road junctions and places where lights have been installed for safety reasons are exempt from the switch-off. GMB want the exemption to apply to all residential areas in the county.

GMB want the switch off to be an issue in the local elections next month. This should highlight how dangerous the switch off is for drivers and pedestrians and of the risks of increasing crime and the dangers this poses for the most vulnerable in society.

Michelle Bacon, GMB Regional Officer, said “Essex County Council has got the balance wrong between saving money and public safety.

For more than a hundred years we have taken street lighting for granted. GMB has serious concerns that Essex County Council by switching off the lights to save money has put residents in unnecessary danger. 

How do people know if they are getting into a licensed taxi or cab if they cannot identify the details because there is lack of street lighting.

How will the council respond to increase in crime or will they simply blame the already over stretched police service. Lighting at night is also a critical element to CCTV operations to deter and enable action to be taken against criminals.

Essex County Council has risked turning residential areas line Basildon into paradise for criminals and has left the most vulnerable in society scared witless.

GMB is backing this campaign for minimum standards for street lights during hours of darkness in built up areas. GMB will be contacting councillors and those standing for election across Essex for their support.”


Contact Michelle Bacon 07961 709680 Michael Guyll GMB taxi drivers representative at Billericay station 07974 008463 or GMB press office 07921 289880



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