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GMB General Secretary Comments on UK General Election Result

Friday, June 9, 2017

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said:

"I'm thrilled to see so many excellent Labour candidates elected to Parliament and for the activists who worked for hard to get them there - so many GMB members racked up miles on the doorstep and knocked on thousands of doors.

"Theresa May went to the electorate seeking to strengthen her hand on the back of a manifesto that bore no resemblance to the lives, challenges and realities of people across this country. 

"Labour's manifesto spoke to the real lives of so many, from early years to later life - free childcare, free education, workers' rights based on what actually happens in the modern economy, properly funded public services and dignity for pensioners - the hope of a decent standard of life and opportunity for all. 

"People voted for that - including thousands of young people who are desperate for change - and in doing so stuck two fingers up at the right wing press who had tried to stitch up this election for the establishment. 

"The status quo has been well and truly broken. 

"Jeremy has had a campaign we can all be proud of. He's embarrassed the Tories, Labour have gained seats. 

"Despite their election rhetoric, it's the Conservative Party that look likely to form a Coalition of Chaos. If that is the case, Labour will be a credible, forceful, united opposition that shows the electorate we're a government in waiting."


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