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Sir Philip Green Shows ‘breath-taking Arrogance’

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Union urges beleaguered former BHS supremo to respect workers as staff vote to walk out.

Shamed Topshop boss Sir Philip Green has been accused of ‘breath-taking arrogance’ as staff vote to strike on Cyber Monday.

GMB members at Spectrum for Arcadia, a division of the DHL Logistics Supply Chain, are set to walk out on 'Cyber Monday' (Monday 28 November), one of the busiest online retails days of the year, over their battle for a living wage.

But Sir Philip is reportedly unfazed by the threat of strike action [1]

David Warwick, GMB Organiser, said:

“It is very disappointing a man worth £5billion does not appear to care about the feelings of his workers - who have to struggle to make ends meet on minimum wage.

“He is showing breath-taking arrogance towards very workers who made him his fortune.

“Being rich does not and should not give anyone the right to ride rough shod over our members.”


Contact: David Warwick on 07957 266751

[1] According to Retail Week: “Arcadia boss Sir Philip Green is understood to be very confident that the business would not suffer”

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