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Topshop strike gives Sir Philip Green 'Bloody Nose'

Monday, November 28, 2016

Union members brave near-freezing conditions after walking out over minimum wage dispute.

Workers at a Topshop supply depot braved near-freezing conditions to form a picket a “lively, good-spirited” picket at 5am this morning.

GMB members at Spectrum for Arcadia, a division of the DHL Logistics Supply Chain, walked out this morning on 'Cyber Monday', one of the busiest online retails days of the year, over their battle for a living wage.

More than 50 workers formed up outside the depot in Solihull after accusing the former BHS boss of “breath-taking arrogance” following his alleged indifference to the strike. [1]

David Warwick, GMB Organiser, said:

“I am very proud of all the GMB members who stuck up for what they believed in and gave Philip Green a bloody nose this morning.

"While he was no doubt sunning himself on his luxury yacht, they formed a lively, good spirited picket in conditions that felt more like Siberia than Solihull."

“Hopefully the billionaire former BHS boss will now do they right thing, and give our hard-working members a decent, living wage.”


Contact: David Warwick on 07957 266751

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