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Trafalgar Sq Rally Against Racism And Fascism

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GMB Supports Trafalgar Square Rally On 22 March To Mark United Nations Day For The Elimination Of Racial Discrimination

Coalition government has created a climate of fear, xenophobia where racism thrives and infers legitimacy to organisation like BNP, EDL and UKIP says GMB.

GMB is supporting a rally in Trafalgar Square on 22 March 2014 to mark the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. See notes to editors for details of the event and TUC position.

Kamaljeet Jandu, GMB National Equality and Inclusion Officer, said “'GMB is calling on members to support this event. Unfortunately in this day and age, the colour of a person’s skin still determines their life chances. People of colour in Britain are still disproportionately likely to be unemployed, stop & searched and racially attacked.

The coalition government have created a climate of fear, xenophobia where racism thrives and infers legitimacy to organisation like BNP, EDL and UKIP.”


Contact: Kamaljeet Jandu, GMB National Equality and Diversity Officer on 07956 237178 or GMB Press Office 07921 289880

Notes to editors

1 TUC position:

Most of you will be aware that the TUC is working with ‘Unite Against Fascism’, Migrants Rights Network and other migrant, refugee and anti-racist organisations to organise a rally in Trafalgar Square on 22 March 2014 to mark the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The event will be held under the slogan Stand Up to Racism and Fascism and will be one of a number of events in Europe marking the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Race discrimination.  We are seeking to include the diversity of migrant, refugee and settled communities and aim to encourage families and young people to participate in the event.  

The General Council agreed that the TUC will support the rally and co-ordinate trade union input into the planning of the event.   A number of trade unions have already pledged support for the event and are involved in helping to organise and mobilise people for the event. 

2 Stand Up to Racism and Fascism – March and Rally

·       No to scapegoating immigrants

·       No to Islamophobia

·       Yes to diversity


Dear Friend

Get involved: Stand up to Racism and Fascism March 22 – UN anti-racism day

We are writing to update you on the ‘Stand up to racism and fascism’ initiative.

We have had an excellent response so far from a large number of organisations from across civil society.  The full list of signatories is available at

The day coincides with the anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre in Apartheid South Africa.  We believe this day is a massive opportunity to make a vibrant, positive anti-racist statement, which can combat the climate of hostility and negativity that has emanated from some elements of the media and amongst some politicians.  We are very keen to engage with the Irish community with this event, given that the community represents one of the largest and most significant migrant communities to Britain. 

Please find enclosed publicity for the day, further details of the different ways you can get involved, including the parade and the activities in Trafalgar Square.

Event Plan

The following route has been agreed with police:

a.      Assemble 11am, Nelson Mandela statue Parliament Square

Location for drop off point is still under discussion with the police but is likely to be either Embankment or Millbank (for details of coaches coming from around the country see

b.      Set off approx 12 noon for parade to Trafalgar Square

c.       Arrive approx.1pm Trafalgar Square for rally

There will be an opportunity for organisations to have stalls at Trafalgar Square.

We want the parade to be lively, visually effective and as diverse as possible.

What you can do

1.      Assign someone from your organisation to liaise with event organisers, if you have not already done so.

2.      Circulate the publicity attached

·         Email pdf

·         Upload pdf to your website

·         Promote on social media using #M22  - follow us on twitter: AntiRacismDay

·         Contact us if you want hard copies of the posters and leaflets

3.      Bring a group of people from your trade union/community/faith organisation/friends and family

4.      We want Trade Unions, other organisations and individuals to bring banners, national flags, balloons, wear national dress. Let us know if you want to bring a contingent of people.

5.      Let us know if you can bring a stall and your own trestle table at Trafalgar Square

6.      We would like samba bands other bands choirs singing dancing during the march. Let us know if you would like to bring a band or choir.

7.      Email us a quote from your organisation about why you are supporting and attending the event for use on our website, press and publicity.

8.      If you have not already signed the ‘Stand up to racism’ statement (listed on our website) and would like to do so, please email

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