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Urgent Inquiry Needed Into Conservatives' Relationship With Uber

Monday, March 27, 2017

Investigation needed into David Cameron and George Osborne’s closeness to ride-sharing company.

An urgent inquiry is needed into an allegedly cosy relationship between the Conservatives and Uber bosses, says GMB.

Revelations today suggest David Cameron and George Osborne’s contact with former senior executives at Uber may have been too close for comfort.[1]

If true, they prove the government’s positive words about self-employed and working people are nothing more than hot air.

Good local knowledgeable taxi drivers are being forced out of business as their towns and cities are flooded by out of town drivers on ‘dodgy licenses’ and tied to bogus self-employment contracts.

Meanwhile great places like Brighton, Bath, Southend, Leeds, Manchester, Reading, Liverpool and many others are descending into "Wild West" frontiers - with touting and illegal ply for hire activities now common place thanks to legislation forced through by the Cameron government in 2015.

Mick Rix GMB National Officer for Taxi & Professional Drivers, said:

"Today’s revelations, if true, blow the lid off rumours that have been circulating privately for some time; that companies like Uber bought the heart of UK Tory government and had favourable legislation passed.

“The Deregulation Act 2015 allowed Uber and other operators to flood the taxi market and create a ‘wild west’ situation in the streets of our towns and cities throughout the UK.

“The government has virtually dragged the good name of the taxi trade into the gutter.

“Now know why - it was all done on behalf of their cronies at Uber.

“We call on the authorities to launch a full and independent inquiry into this shocking business, where UK government sold themselves to a company, because of personal friendships."


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[1] Cameron, Osborne, their glamorous chum and the great Uber stitch-up: The disturbing links between No.10 and the online taxi firm as it's revealed one of its major investors now has the ex-Chancellor on its payroll

24 March 2017

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