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Uber Not Allowed In Germany

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

GMB Professional Drivers Respond To Uber Being Prevented From Operating In Germany

Up until now Uber seems to have adopted the route of forcing its way in to markets on a like it or lump it basis says GMB

GMB the union for professional drivers commented on the news that cab service Uber has been prevented from operating in Germany. See notes to editors for copy of report on Press Association.

Steve Garelick, GMB branch secretary professional drivers branch, said “Up until now Uber seems to have adopted the route of forcing its way in to markets on a like it or lump it basis.

The hypothesis Uber put forward is that the existing rates are high and that monopolies exist that somehow should be broken.

Many individuals have taken time to invest in learning the profession and whilst some aspects of Uber may be beneficial for drivers wishing to earn there are misnomers.

Rates generally are dropped after a time and as is the plan with Uber as soon as a driverless solution is available drivers will naturally be out of work.

In the case of London operators are supposed to offer a booking centre number however the rules seem to be flouted and beyond online feedback there is no real contact.

Drivers are able to come for a short period in the afternoon if they have issues.

Uber claims to be a hip company but some of it's tactic's as seen with its competitor Lyft seem to be not only unacceptable but not ethical.  It was recently reported that Uber had launched a campaign to recruit drivers from a rival operator Lyft.

There is a clear concern a company offering tech cannot really offer a service that offers complete safety and this is an issue.”


Contact: Steve Garelick 07565 456 776, or Michelle Bacon 07961 709680 or Mick Rix 07971 268343.  GMB press office 07921 289 880 or 07974 251 823

Notes to editors

Cab service Uber has been prevented from operating in Germany in the latest shot in a fight with the country's taxi drivers.

The state court in Frankfurt issued an injunction, meaning that Uber cannot offer its services without a specific permit under German transport laws.

The injunction applies pending a full hearing of a suit brought against Uber by a German group that offers a taxi-ordering app.

The ruling comes after Berlin authorities barred Uber from operating in the capital last month because of safety concerns.

Their arguments were in line with those of established cab companies which claim Uber's app-based services, which offer limousines and pickups by private drivers, dodge rules that ordinary taxi firms have to abide by.

Black cab drivers in London have protested about California-based Uber, claiming its app contravenes rules that restrict the use of taxi meters. Protests have also taken place in Paris and Madrid.




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