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Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Lobby MPs

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Lobby Westminster MPs

GMB Conveners will be giving the situation on the ground to the MPs first-hand, telling them what is really happening on the Upper Clyde says GMB.

GMB Scotland will lead a lobby of MPs tomorrow, 27th April 2016, including defence select  CMT members and senior politicians over the scandalous treatment of the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders. (See notes to editors for previous GMB press releases about the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders).

The lobby follows news of a delay to the Type-26 frigate build programme that may result in a gap in the shipbuilders’ work schedule large enough to cause redundancies for half of the workforce.

GMB representatives will be seeking support in bringing the order back online to the agreed timetable as well as asking for support in getting crucial investment into the yards in the form of the promised frigate factory.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at 1pm at the address as follows:

Room A
1 Parliament Street,

Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Secretary said “The conveners will be giving the situation on the ground to the MPs first-hand, telling them what is really happening on the Upper Clyde.

Yesterday’s questions to the minister were nothing more than smoke and mirrors; disingenuous and misleading. MPs will get it straight from the horse’s mouth.”


Contact: Gary Smith on 07710 618909, Gary Cook on 07712 677594 or GMB Scotland Communications office on 07976 447077

Notes to editors

GMB press release dated Friday, April 22, 2016

GMB Scotland Says Any BAE Upper Clyde Cutbacks Would Be A ‘Total Betrayal Of Workforce’

‘Worst case scenario’ of up to 800 redundancies if Tories renege on frigate programme.

GMB Scotland said today (Friday 22 April) the threat of significant redundancies across BAE Systems upper Clyde shipyards would be a ‘total betrayal’ of the workforce and a disaster for Scottish manufacturing.

Representatives of the joint trade unions from the Scotstoun and Govan yards were told by BAE Systems that a ‘worst case scenario’ of 800 redundancies was possible if the UK government pulls-back from its commitment to the manufacture of eight Type-26 frigates on the Clyde.

GMB Scotland understands such cuts would necessitate the outsourcing of up to 20 per cent of work from the upper Clyde, most likely to yards in England, over the lifetime of the frigate contract which has already been delayed until the end of 2017.

Gary Smith, GMB Scotland Secretary, said: “This would be a total betrayal of the upper Clyde workforce by a desperate Tory government trying to shift the goal posts in the face of their failing economic stewardship.

We’ve gone from the Upper Clyde workforce being promised the manufacture of 13 Type-26 frigates in 2014, only for that to be cut to 8 frigates last year.

We’ve gone from the promise of a world-class ‘frigate factory’ on the Scotstoun site, only to be told the plans were shelved.

We’ve gone from promised investment that would secure thousands of skilled jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships for a generation, only to be told to prepare for redundancies.

In the same week that Scottish unemployment increased by 20,000, the prospect of significant job losses at Govan and Scotstoun doesn’t even bear thinking about - it could tip our economy over the edge.

GMB Scotland rejects this typically ruinous Tory agenda and we will resist any redundancies or withdrawal of work on the upper Clyde by using every tool we have at our disposal.”

Dave Hulse National Officer GMB said “We are extremely disappointed with some of the potential proposals and will be seeking an urgent meeting with the Secretary of State to discuss our concerns.

We will be calling on all political powers to support our fight. We will not accept any compulsory redundancies and demand and expect the MOD and BAE Systems to honour the agreement reached in November 2013 that was to bring world-class facilities to the Clyde to build the Type-26 frigates.

The government and BAE Systems have misled the loyal and dedicated workforce and we will not stand by and let them destroy our valued shipbuilding industry.”



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