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More 'Vicious' Cuts Hit Cash-Strapped Birmingham

Friday, January 27, 2017


Process of axing key services begun before results of ‘sham’ public consultation even counted.

In the latest round of job losses, hard-up Birmingham City Council (BCC) could be forced to slash 85 more jobs and close four leisure centres thanks to ‘vicious’ Tory cuts.

The local authority – the largest in Europe – has already suffered £590million lopped from the budget during the past six years. [1]

Now, in a desperate bid to find a further £76million savings demanded by the Conservatives, the council is considering more drastic measure, including:

· closure of 4 leisure centres;

· 20% reduction in spending across the parks and gardens service;

· closure of 4 park ranger hubs;

· At least 85 staff made redundant - with possibly more to follow;

· park keepers being cut from every park and which will devestate the users of the parks and the public's safety and well being;

· Reductions in service (e.g. removal of flower beds and replacement with grass, removal of hanging baskets).

The council has asked the public what they thought about taking the axe to these services.

However, BCC have now started the process of cutting them before Councillors have actually considered the public's responses.

Gill Ogilvie, GMB Organiser, said:

"GMB is committed to working with the council to try and cope with the Tory Government's vicious cuts.

“However, the fact is that the council is set to lose £76 million and this will have a huge impact on the what services it can still deliver.

“Going forward, we need to make sure that the council takes time to look the views and concerns of everyone.

“In relation to the current proposal, we are concerned that council officers have pushed proposals before councillors have an opportunity to consider what the public actually wants.

“If this isn't going to be seen as a sham consultation then councillors need to be able to consider what the people of Birmingham think."


Contact: Gil Ogilvie on 07850768351 or at



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