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Huge Victory For Unpaid Support Workers

Friday, January 20, 2017



Committed staff have spent several months working for nothing – but will finally get their wages thanks to union’s campaign.

Devoted support workers who looked after vulnerable families for THREE MONTHS despite not getting paid will finally get their wages following a GMB campaign.

Staff at Lime Trees Children’s Centre, in Birmingham, last received a full pay packet in November – but carried on their compassionate work despite having no money for their own child care, travel or even food.

They faced Christmas with no cash after the charity which runs the centre Freshwinds - who received more than £1million in donations and grants in the financial year 2014/15 including around £850,000 from cash-strapped Birmingham City Council [1] -  said they didn’t have the money.

Now, after tireless campaigning by GMB, the union for support workers, Action for Children have agreed to take over the centre – and BCC have pledged to stump up the support workers’ back dated pay.

Gillian Ogilive, GMB Organiser, said:

“This is incredible news for these support workers – whose sense of duty was so strong they carried on working knowing full well they wouldn’t be paid.

“They had no money for travelling to work, for child care – even to feed their own families.

“Now they can look forward to receiving their long overdue wages – and hopefully a secure future.

“GMB is very proud to have helped these support workers in their hour of need.”


Contact: Gillian Ogilvie on 07850768351 or at



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