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4 To 1 Vote For Action In NHS On Pay

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GMB Members In NHS In England And Northern Ireland Vote Four To One To Support Strike Action In Pay Dispute

We are open to talks but unless there is some meaningful change members will hold a four hour strike between 7am to 11am on 13th October and further action short of a strike the rest of that week says GMB.

GMB conducted an official ballot of 22,000 members in the NHS in England and Northern Ireland. The result of the ballot show overwhelming support for industrial action against the government and employers pay policies.

The result was 78% in favour of strike action and 91% in favour of action short of a strike with a turnout of 23%. The pay offer is a 1% unconsolidated offer for 2014 for those who get it and a further 1% unconsolidated offer in 2015 for those who get it. 

GMB will now issue formal notices to NHS employers of strike action on 13 October and further action short of a strike the rest of that week.

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary for Public Services, said "GMB members have spoken loud and clear. They are prepared to take industrial action in the NHS to fight for fairness in pay.

GMB is open to talks with government and employers but unless there is some meaningful change we will be calling on GMB members to hold a four hour strike between 7am to 11am on 13th October. This will be followed by an overtime ban in the ambulance service from 14-17 October and for the same period a 'work your paid hours' instruction for the rest of the NHS.

We are sending formal notification of this action to all affected NHS employers so that they can work out essential cover requirements to ensure patient safety.

Nobody in the NHS wants to go on strike, but the anger and frustration of the workforce with the cavalier treatment by government and employers towards them has spilled over into industrial unrest.

GMB and the other trade unions on the staff side hope this programme of action will get some movement in this deadlock and we will plan further periods of action through the autumn and winter if it does not.

So it is imperative that Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State, meets the staff side unions as a matter of urgency."


Contact: Brian Strutton 07860 606137 or Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer 07841 181656 or GMB Press Office on 07921 289880 or 020 7391 6755/56.




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