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Welsh Tories 'Lack Real Credibility'

Tuesday, October 2, 2018



GMB, Wales' General Union, have hit out at the Leadership of the Welsh Conservative party, claiming they lack credibility with millions of ordinary people across Wales

On Tuesday the Leader of the Welsh Conservative Party, Paul Davies, addressed the Conservatives annual conference in Birmingham advocating for the first time as leader, advocating for a tax cut for people on higher incomes. The Shadow Welsh Secretary, Alun Cairns also addressed Conservative Party conference in Birmingham and announced a scrapping of the Severn Bridge tolls after 20 years. [1][2] 

GMB have hit out at the Welsh Tory leadership, questioning the priorities of the UK government whilst Welsh public services face further cuts from this year’s budget statement and have called for the Welsh Tories to lobby the Prime Minister to make more funds available for public services. 

GMB Regional Secretary John Phillips said: 

“There is a stark difference between the approach of the Welsh Labour Government and the Tories in Westminster. 

“Whilst today we’ve seen the substantive proposals from the Welsh Government for prioritising funding to the NHS and developing our national infrastructure with a reduced budget from Westminster, we’ve seen the Welsh Tory leadership spout gimmicks to an empty conference hall. 

“The idea of a tax cut, after the chronic underfunding of our public services is from Westminster is borderline offensive to our members who work in those frontline services. Many of which will be feeling the pressure as their jobs and public services are at risk precisely because of the UK Governments failed Austerity plan. 

“The truth is that they lack any real credibility to the millions of ordinary people across Wales who are suffering because of woeful Tory management of the UK Economy”. 

Mike Payne, GMB’s Welsh Political Officer said: 

“Whilst we welcome the scrapping of the Severn Bridge tolls, if this is the only real announcement they have to make, they may as well pack up and go home now. 

“After 8 years of Austerity under the Tories, our public services are crying out for investment their leadership would rather ploy cheap electoral tricks. 

“If they were serious about putting Wales best interests first, they’d shy away from gimmicks and start twisting the Prime Ministers arm so that Wales public services.” 



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Notes to editors: 

[1] Seven things we learned about the new leader of the Welsh Tory AMs Paul Davies from the party conference - 

[2] Severn tolls to be axed earlier than planned on 17 December - 


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