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GMB Says 'Working People Need Change'

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

GMB Says 'Working People Need Change' As Prime Minister Addresses Conservative Party Conference

Government must not get swept away on a raft of anti-immigrant sentiment says GMB

GMB, Britain’s general union, has commented on Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech today at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.

The Prime Minister attacked politicians and commentators for viewing concerns about immigration as parochial, following on from Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s speech yesterday in which she suggested that curbs on foreign workers and students may be required.

Kamaljeet Jandu, GMB National Equalities Officer, said:

"Let's talk about immigration. This Government has legitimised exploitation, encouraged employers to recruit only from Eastern Europe, overseen the expansion of zero hour contracts, and attempted to curtail trade unions. That is a recipe for the tension and hostility that we have seen whipped up in our country.

"In the period after the Brexit vote, we have seen a rise in race hate violence combined with a drop in the value of the pound not seen for 30 years - and which will do nothing to help the working people of this country. The responsibility for this sits at the door Theresa May – both as Home Secretary over the last six years and now as Prime Minister.

"The UK government must not get swept away on a raft of anti-immigrant sentiment while looking for new scapegoats for their economic mistakes. Instead, it must focus on actually improving the lives of working people in this country after Brexit.

“Theresa May is right about one thing - this country does need changes. It's working people in this country who need change starting with abandoning punishing public spending cuts, establishing new rights for workers and securing investment in our future."


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