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GMB Young Members Hail £10 Pay Pledge

Monday, April 10, 2017

Your rent doesn’t drop just because you are young, says union.

GMB young members have hailed Labour’s commitment to raising the minimum wage – which would see 18-year-olds paid £10 an hour.

The current legal minimum wage for 18 to 20-year-olds is just £5.60, meaning young people working full time could be a whopping £7,000 a year better off under Labour - a huge 64% increase.[2]

GMB, the union for young workers, has long campaigned for a £10 and hour minimum wage [1] for all workers, regardless of their age.

Sam Fagan, chair of GMB young members, said:

“Young workers increasing wage poverty has been completely ignored by this government – so Labour’s policy is a breath of fresh air.

“Our members under the age of 21 would see their pay almost double if this policy were implemented.

“You don’t get a discount on your rent just because you’re young – so why should you get lower wages?

“GMB believes in a real living wage of £10 per hour that doesn’t discriminate by age but respects the hard work our members do.”


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Notes to editors:

[1] £10 Per Hour Living Wage

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Campaign For £10 Per Hour Living Wage Launched At GMB Congress In Nottingham Which Has Lowest Level Of Household Disposable Income In UK

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2017 NMW rates



18 to 20

21 to 24

Current rate




Increase to £10 (£)




Increase to £10 (%)








Current annual salary pre-tax




Current annual salary post-tax








Increase to £10 NMW annual FTE salary post-tax (£17,900) in £




Increase to £10 NMW annual FTE salary post-tax (£17,900) as %




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