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Welsh Assembly decision to overturn Trade Union Act welcomed

Thursday, January 12, 2017

GMB welcomes Welsh Government bill to overturn Trade Union Act in Wales

Union says government bill will protect “Welsh way” of conducting industrial relations.

GMB, Britain’s General Union has welcomed today’s move by the Welsh Assembly Government to overturn the Trade Union Act in Wales.

Welcoming the Trade Union (Wales) Bill, which aims at disapplying the provisions of the Trade Union Act, 2016, the union said the move would protect the “Welsh way’ of conducting industrial relations, benefiting both those who access and deliver vital public services.

John Phillips, GMB Regional Secretary said:

“GMB fully supports and endorses the bold and decisive decision of Welsh Government to disapply the terms of the spiteful Trade Union Act as they relate to the devolved Welsh public services.

“The Act, which was the creation of a minority Tory Government, was clearly ideologically motivated and intended to severely restrict the ability of trade unions and their members to organise and represent at the workplace.

“The increased threshold requirements for industrial action ballots, limits placed upon the amount of facility time by union representatives and the intention to prohibit public sector employers from deducting contributions from wages payable to workers are all designed to distort the balance of influence between employers and workers’ organisations, and are totally contrary to the positive partnership approach taken to industrial relations under devolution.

“The Act has the distinct potential to undermine the Welsh Government’s social partnership approach to the provision of public services in Wales and to impact adversely upon employment relations.

“It is pleasing that Welsh Government has kept its promise to enact legislation that will ensure that the ‘Welsh way’ of conducting industrial relations is retained, both to the benefit of those who access and deliver our vital public services.

“GMB will now be urging all members of the Welsh Assembly to vote for the Bill when it passes through the legislative process.”


Photo credit: National Assembly for Wales

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