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About Discrimination Respect at Work

You have a right to be treated the same as everyone else in your workplace. But if you are not treated the same what can you do about it? GMB Workplace Organisers are trained to negotiate equal treatment at work and to organise their workplace so that collective action can keep GMB members safe from unequal treatment in the workplace.

If a GMB member is treated unequally or unfairly at work then the GMB Legal Service is there to redress the unfairness.

For our latest equality news, information on our National Equality Conference, National Equality Forum and our Presidents Leadership Awards, click on the relevant links.

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Additional Resources

Model Equality Workplace Agreements

download pdf360Kb (pdf) - 06 March 2017

Includes: Carers, Surveillance and Monitoring, Maternity and Paternity and Domestic Violence model agreements