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GMB Guide: Women's Health & Safety at Work

There are too many assumptions made about the nature of ‘women’s work’ combined with too little attention to the real risks. This means that the hazards women face may be far less likely to get resolved in workplaces, without intervention from GMB Workplace Representatives and Officers.

We know that:

  • women are more exposed to repetitive and monotonous work and to stressful conditions
  • young women are more likely than men to be physically assaulted at work;
  • and women are more likely than men to experience back strain, skin diseases, headaches and eyestrain.

This guide is for all GMB Workplace Reps, Shop Stewards, Health and Safety Reps and Branch Equality Officers and is intended to help you represent your women members no matter which gender you identify as.

Research has shown that unionised workplaces are safer than those without safety reps and safety committees. All GMB branch post holders and activists play a key role in negotiating better health and safety for members at work. Let’s work together to bring our workplaces into the 21st century when it comes to health and safety!

Please click here to view a PDF version of the GMB Guide to Women's Health & Safety at Work

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