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Free School Meals Pledge 'Welcome'

Thursday, April 6, 2017

'Common sense, economic sense and moral sense', says school workers' union.

GMB, the union for school support staff, today welcomed the Labour Party pledge to deliver free school meals for all primary school children.

The union pointed to the many benefits of providing free school meals, including better educational outcomes and relieving strain on family budgets.

GMB says a number of it’s members have reported of having to buy food for pupils whose families are struggling to make sure they don't go hungry.

Sharon Wilde, GMB National Officer for Schools said:

"GMB have campaigned for free school meals for years. Making sure our kids are happy, healthy and ready to learn is the right thing to do, and it has the benefit making financial sense for families too.

"This is basic common sense to most people, yet the Government is rowing back on pledges to feed the country's kids and prioritising tax cuts for corporations instead. A shameful state of affairs."

"Free school meals is not only common sense, it makes economic and moral sense too."


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