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EDF Pay & Pensions Dispute

Up-to-date bulletins and information on your EDF Pay & Pensions Dispute can be found listed below in additional Resources.

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Additional Resources

2014 CIP Payment

download pdf412Kb (pdf) - 30 March 2015

A number of members have contacted reps about the 2014 CIP payment, who have then raised it with management in Local Employee Committees. So far the Trade Unions have been advised that it will be paid at the lower, 2013, rate of pay despite agreement on backdating the pay award to April 2014.

Member Update - GMB Briefings on EDF Pension Proposals

download pdf223Kb (pdf) - 24 March 2015

GMB has so far held workplace briefings on the Company's pension proposal at Bexleyheath, Doxford, Dungeness, Exeter, Hove, Hunterston and Worthing, with further meetings planned for Torness and Hartlepool by April 15th.

2015 Pay Talks

download pdf241Kb (pdf) - 04 March 2015

Your GMB National Reps and the TU side met with EDF last week to commence pay talks for 2015.

EDF Pension Proposals - Workplace Meetings

download pdf250Kb (pdf) - 04 February 2015

After months of discussion EDF has finally presented its proposals for your final salary pensions schemes. For existing DB Scheme members - both protected and non-protected - they are proposing an "absolute" 1% cap on any future pensionable pay regardless of actual pay rises, progression or promotions.

Project Alpha

download pdf739Kb (pdf) - 11 November 2014

This week Senior Shop Stewards from the joint unions will be briefed on Project Alpha. GMB is pleased that the company is apparently now coming clean on Project Alpha. You will remember the company originally said it didn't exist.

2014 Pay Offer - GMB Members Feedback

download pdf222Kb (pdf) - 04 November 2014

As promised GMB has now held workplace meetings across the UK to collect your feedback on EDF's 2014 pay offer, and on behalf of your National and Local Reps, I want to thank all the members who attended the meetings and gave us your feedback. At the workplace meetings GMB members were briefed on the content of the Customer negotiations and how the offer compared with colleagues within Customer and other business units in EDF.

Pay & Project Alpha Update

download pdf42Kb (pdf) - 07 August 2014

GMB@EDF Bulletin No:30 August 2014

GMB Position On Pay And Project Alpha

download pdf103Kb (pdf) - 07 August 2014

GMB@EDF Bulletin No:29 August 2014

EDF nuclear generation pay offer: GMB recommends rejection

download pdf46Kb (pdf) - 07 August 2014

GMB@EDF Bulletin No:28 August 2014