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About GMB Commercial Services Section

The Commercial Services Section combines over 193,132 GMB members working in professional and service industries in the private sector including :

the security industry, business services, legal staff, roadside assistance patrols, airport staff and staff in privately managed prison services.

GMB is the main trade union for the security industry and has campaigned particularly hard for the licensing and regulation of the Security industry and to promote a high quality, well trained, properly paid workforce.

  • Commercial Services: Security, Solicitors, Prisons, Transport (including airlines and ferries), Trade Unions.
  • Energy and Utilities: Gas, Nuclear & Atomic Energy, Electricians, Coal & Oil Extractors, Water Industry.
  • Food and Leisure: Distribution/Logistics, Retail & Supermarkets, Sports, Leisure, Outdoor Industry workers, Hotels & Catering, Restaurants & Hospitality, Registered Clubs.

GMB looks after the employment rights and bargaining of its members at companies with in these sectors such as: 3663, Bidvest Logistics, Asda Stores, Asda Distribution, BMI, BA, British Gas, DHL, Freight Connect, EDF Nuclear Generation Ex British Energy, EDF, G4S, Geoamey, Loomis National Grid, National Grid Staff, National Grid Industrials, OFGEM, Securitas, Servisair, Security Plus, SGN, Thompsons, VSG, YODEL, Wilkinson and Wincanton.

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I want to let you know about a very real threat to all of the jobs, prosperity and opportunities at Heathrow. This threat is why GMB is supporting the Back Heathrow campaign, which is bringing together businesses, trade unions and local people to defend the jobs that rely on the airport and to fight for its secure future.