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GMB@NHS Ambulance NHS Ambulance Service

Here you can find all the NHS Ambulance Service workplace bulletins and information on live issues that affect you at work.


If you need more information or have a workplace issue not covered here please contact your local GMB workplace organiser.

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Additional Resources

GMB@WORK Newsletter April 2016

download pdf744Kb (pdf) - 22 April 2016

Joint Ambulance Trade union Statement 2016/16

GMB@NHS Ambulance March 2016

download pdf776Kb (pdf) - 01 April 2016

Fair Banding and The GMB Ambulance Campaign Survey

GMB@NHS Ambulance December 2015

download pdf926Kb (pdf) - 01 April 2016

Ambulance Fair Banding Campaign

GMB@NHS Ambulance Newsletter October 2015

download pdf297Kb (pdf) - 01 April 2016

The Paramedic Survey

GMB@NHS Ambulance Newsletter July 2015

download pdf260Kb (pdf) - 21 July 2015

National Review Update

GMB@NHS Ambulance Newsletter February 2015

download pdf298Kb (pdf) - 05 February 2015

Ambulance members were right to escalate industrial action. Many in the GMB were keen to take industrial action in December 2014.

GMB@NHS Ambulance Newsletter January 2015

download pdf280Kb (pdf) - 14 January 2015

On Thursday 29 January 2015, GMB is asking members to take strike action for 24 hours, from 00.01 – 23.59.

GMB@NHS Ambulance Newsletter November 2014

download pdf348Kb (pdf) - 11 November 2014

GMB members set for second wave of strike action and action short of strike.

GMB@NHS Ambulance Newsletter October 2014

download pdf317Kb (pdf) - 03 October 2014

GMB members voted 4-1 in favour of strike action. Results are in.

GMB@NHS Ambulance Newsletter Nov 2013

download PDF471Kb (PDF) - 13 November 2013

Employers have agreed to pay back deductions made to Annex E USH payment for October's pay immediately or will instruct payroll not to make any further deductions for October in November's pay.

Annex E - Leaflet

download pdf59Kb (pdf) - 18 July 2013

Trade Unions' working together - We want your view on changes to unsocial hours payments

Annex E - Proposal briefing

download pdf330Kb (pdf) - 26 June 2013

Annex E deductions of Unsociable Hours Allowance - Implications for Ambulance Staff (England only)

Ambulance Diversions in London

download pdf237Kb (pdf) -

GMB has identified a large number of occasions where ambulance drivers have been diverted away from Accident and Emergency departments because they simply can't cope with the demand says GMB

GMB Challenge London Ambulance Service

download pdf246Kb (pdf) -

LAS plan to replace a qualified medical technician with an A&E Emergency Care Support Worker who will have very limited training to cope with many medical situations says GMB.