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Here you can find all the dnata workplace bulletins and information on live issues that affect you at work.

If you need more information or have a workplace issue not covered here please contact your local GMB workplace organiser.

Additional Resources

GMB dnata Newsbrief No 2 February 2017 - 2017 Pay and Conditions Claim

download pdf739Kb (pdf) - 27 June 2017

Despite the 2016 pay being unresolved with the company, the 2017 pay anniversary is due shortly, so your GMB stewards and officers are seeking your views on what you would like to see included in your GMB pay claim for 2017.

GMB dnata Newsbrief No 1 January 2017 - Consultative Ballot No 2 - Results

download pdf366Kb (pdf) - 27 June 2017

May we thank members for taking their time to complete their ballot papers and for taking part in the democratic process regards you pay, terms and conditions.

GMB dnata Newsbrief No 8 - GMB members Consultative Ballot No 2

download pdf343Kb (pdf) - 12 December 2016

In GMB Newsbrief No 7/2016 we reported to you that the company had changed the offer made to you regards Pay for 2016 and which a majority of GMB members voted by a 62.9% in favour to accept the offer.

GMB dnata Newsbrief No 7 December 2016 - dnata Breach 2016 Pay Deal

download pdf339Kb (pdf) - 12 December 2016

In GMB Newsbrief No 5/2016 we reported that the members had voted by a 62.9% in favour to accept the company 2016 pay offer.

Newsbrief No 6 August 2016 Pay Offer - UPDATE

download pdf306Kb (pdf) - 06 September 2016

Dear Colleagues, In newsbrief No5/2016 GMB reported that the membership ballot on pay this year was accepted by members by a majority of 62.9%. The company have been in contact with GMB regards its employee health care scheme which was part of the pay package negotiated in the 2016 pay negotiations. As a result of the discussion with the HR Director for the company, GMB has now agreed to extend the cover to employee partners, or if employees wish to forego the benefit they can have a cash equivalent instead. I am sure colleagues will welcome this new approach.

Dnata Staff Letter - 2016/207 Pay Offer

download pdf175Kb (pdf) - 06 September 2016

HR Notice to Staff - 2016/2017 Pay Offer

GMB dnata Newsbrief No 5b July 2016 - Pay Offer Accepted

download pdf306Kb (pdf) - 28 July 2016

The results of the GMB membership regards the company offer for 2016 are now in, and by a majority the members have accepted the company offer.

GMB dnata Newsbrief No 5 June 2016 - dnata Pay Ballot

download pdf351Kb (pdf) - 15 June 2016

We received the company offer in writing on 3 May 2016 for the pay and conditions award for 2016. There are two reasons why there has been a delay in balloting our members on the company pay offer:

GMB Dnata Newsbrief no 4 - April 2016 - Update on Negotiations

download pdf308Kb (pdf) - 26 April 2016

In GMB Newsbrief No3/2016 we advised members of the pay claim that was submitted on your behalf. GMB met the company on the 25th April to present the pay claim, and also receive financial details to assist with the negotiations. The company were not able to present all of the financial details that your GMB reps requested. However, the company have agreed to provide some more information.

GMB dnata bulletin No 3 - April 2016 - GMB 2016 Pay & Conditions Claim

download pdf308Kb (pdf) - 26 April 2016

Further to GMB Newsbrief No 2 / 2016 your GMB reps met to discuss the items that they had surveyed members, and what they wanted to see in the 2016 Pay Claim.

GMB@dnata - Bulletin no 2 - March 2016 - 2016 Pay & Conditions Update

download pdf360Kb (pdf) - 16 March 2016

Following on from Newsbrief No1/ 2016 in February, we wanted to keep members up to date on your pay and conditions. Your GMB stewards will shortly be meeting to agree on the items for the pay claim to be submitted to the company.

dnata Bulletin No 1 - February 2016 - 2016 Pay & Conditions - Member Survey

download pdf354Kb (pdf) - 15 March 2016

GMB is starting to compile data for the 2016 pay claim. We have also asked your GMB Reps to speak with GMB members employed by Dnata, to see what your views are, and what you would wish to see in any GMB pay and conditions claim.